Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Guten Morgen. Hyvaa Huomenta, Good morning.

After a small breakfast and a needed cup of coffee, we started our journey to Yosemite National park. Full of enthusiasm we entered the bus. Unfortunately, no one expected a three hour ride. After one hour, we finally stopped at a gas station. A heat wave of 99 degrees hit us like a ton of bricks. Even the South Americans put sun block on, in order to not compete with the Europeans in burning. Later, everyone was sprinting to the cold beverages to cool them down. After hydration we continued our adventure.

The closer we got to the Park, the more breathtaking views we got to see. From a dry landscape to 1.5 km high Waterfalls. A lunch was provided under a so called “lower Waterfall”. After an energizing snack, everybody walked their way through the beautiful parts of the park. A huge crowd was drawn to the small pool of water which was located underneath the Waterfall. It was one of the best spots for climbers and tourists. Most pictures were taken on the upper part to see the nature of Yosemite. Certain people were brave enough to go to the next level and step under the Waterfall. The cold water scared most of us, unfortunately only some realized that you only live once (YOLO!!). 

Besides Waterfalls, long rivers caught Tourists attention. A rental of canoes was provided; sadly we did not have enough time. All in all, the view and the smell of the pine trees reminded some of us of their home countries.

The two hour ride to the dinner flew by fast. Everyone was tired and exhausted on the ride home to the Hotel. Luckily, our tour dj aka Juan got us pumped up with music. Before we were allowed to leave the Bus, our Chaperones informed us that we are leaving early in the morning for another looooooooooooooooooong 7h Bus ride adventure to Henderson!!!
We ended our day normally by going into the pool.

Happy Fathers Day!
(Alles gute zum Vatertag, hyvaa isanpaivaa)
We love you, 

Sonja Brendes (Germany) Heini Teikari, Katriina Rimpinen (Finland)

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