Sunday, June 24, 2012


Today we had a really early wake-up because we wanted to be at the park right away when it opens, get the best rides without long lines... Unfortunately that never happened!! Antonio took the bus to get it cleaned that took FOREVER!! After all, we left 30 minutes late, but who cares, we were heading to the happiest place on the earth. We strarted in the park called California Adventure park, that is right next to actual Disneyland. This was the place where we enjoyed crazy rides and roller coasters. Just a week ago, they opened there a new section called The Cars. However, the waiting time for that was at least 4 hours and they ran out of fast passes early in the morning and new fast passes were coming out only on the next day morning.

Weather was very hot, the sun was shinning, and everybody got some sunburn. Out of all the rides, we picked The California Screamin' as the best one. But there were many other good rides, such as Indiana Jones, Space Mountain, Star Tours, Hollywood Tower, and  Mickey's fun wheel..... We had free time for 12 hours and everybody was in small groups, so it was really hard to find each other, because of millions of people and two HUGE parks.

We all met up by the Princess' Castle to watch 15 minutes long firework show. It was absolutely faaaaaaaaaaaabulous!!! During the fireworks, famous Disney music and fireworks were matching with each other which made totally gorgeous. Also, Tinker Bell and Dumbo decided to fly above the magical castle. After the fireworks we went to see another show by the lake. The show was called Mickey's imagination and it was mix of special effects, acting, fireworks and parts of Disney movies. The show included some amazing moments and it was all done very well.

Today was full of magic. Now we all are dead tired and ready to sleep because we got to the hotel around 12.30am. Tomorrow is going to be our last full day of the trip which is pretty sad..

Kubo, Tuuli and Lucas

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