Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Grand Canyon

To start, this was absolutely the best day so far on this trip. We saw one of the 7 natural wonders of the world – Grand Canyon! How amazing is that?!

Moreover, in the morning, our meeting time was 8:15,  and it went kind of smoothly, few of us were late but it was not a big deal and the day went as planned. We came at Grand Canyon on time because of Antonio who is the the best, fastes bus driver ever.  Now, he is like a part of our little Rotary family, we love him and because he always have some surprises for us, today, we had one for him! We got him a keychain with his name on it, to always remember us, the best group!

Anyways, back to the main topic, which is Grand Canyon. We can all agree that it was absolutely one of the best experience ever. When we first spotted that huge Canyon everybody got Goosebumps and were excited like little kids (Especially Amy, who is our chaperone and who is 28 :P). When we started walking around the canyon, and taking all these pictures, we all wondered how could we even describe this amazing place to our friends and family. Pictures are not as near real as the whole feeling of being there.

After that first station (45minute stop) we headed to a little hike. Well, actually it wasn’t so little. We walked on the edge of the canyon for about 2 hours. Although it was super hot, we were tired and exhausted, we can all agree that it was worth it. We were excited and fascinated by the view all the way through. We couldn’t hide our happiness and excitement, because we were taking pictures on every single rock.

Also, we saw few birds that are rare to see, because there are just 400 of them, and we were few lucky ones who captured them in pictures. 

After that long walk, we headed to the lunch which was in the Imax cinema (National Geography building). There, we watched an amazing movie about Grand Canyon. It was very interesting, and the proof of that is that nobody fell on sleep J. That was the end of the day in the Grand Canyon. We will forever keep this amazing place in our memories!

When we left, some of the people wanted to shop and some wanted to relax next to the pool, so we divided our bus in two groups. One, small group, went to the little town called Williams, and others went back to the hotel. For dinner, we went to a really nice place in that town, and nobody left hungry! Some of the boys made friends, actually waitress called Barbara (a.k.a Barby) who was bringing  food without stopping. This is how we wrapped our incredible day! Tomorrow, we will conquer San Diego, so good night everybody and get ready for a 8 hour drive!

Nika (Croatia) and Alice (Italy)


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