Friday, June 15, 2012

Venice Beach / Santa Monica / Malibu / Santa Barbara

Hello everybody!
We started the day at 8.30 by loading the bus at the hotel in LA to head to out first stop at Venice Beach. This is an alternative city with a lot of cool people. We walked around on the beach, taking pictures of our selves in the Pacific Ocean and of course posing with some life guards; there was also a shopping street with a lot of souvenir stores.
About 10 minutes away we stopped the bus again, in Santa Monica, where most of us headed to the famous pier. Here we of course took a lot of pictures but also took some rides on the roller coasters. Santa Monica also has a nice shopping street where we spent some money.
We had a delicious lunch at Denny's before we loaded the bus again to take off to Malibu. Then we had a short stop to see the beach, use the bathroom and pose for pictures with some surfers. This time we boarded the bus for a longer trip and 1,5 hours later, we arrived in Santa Barbara, which was so beautiful. On our way here we also saw some really cool houses/mansions.
Some of us walked out on the pier and the beach to watch the amazing view while some of us took a bus downtown to explore the historical city. Due to the downtown shoppers our departure was a little delayed, they did not know the buses back stopped running at 6pm so they had to run all the way back to our bus.
Now everybody was hungry but the food was worth waiting for. We drove about an hour through beautiful hilly California to a buffet restaurant where we all ate so much. Then we all rolled with our full belly's out to the bus so we could drive to the hotel here in Atascadero, where we finally are sitting now!
Today was awesome and we can't wait to go to bed so we can wake up tomorrow, bright and early, and be ready for a new beautiful day in Monterey, Carmel and finally San Francisco! Vivian Zapata and Julia Scherlin

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