Thursday, June 21, 2012

Arrival in San Diego and TALENT SHOW!

Today we are reporting about the amazing trip from Arizona to California.

Julia: “When did you wake up this morning?”
Caroline: “Today I actually got up at 6.45 am because the bus left at 7.45 am and this morning I did not want to miss breakfast.”

Julia: “Well, that is pretty early. I bet some people were late again?!”
Caroline: “Yeah it was sort of early but actually most of the people were on time, so we got on the road by 8.00 am”

Julia: “So I have heard you have had a long bus ride today, what do you want to tell us about that?”
Caroline: “Yeah, the trip was freaking long, yesterday they told us it is going to be 7 hours, but because of the traffic and some restroom stops it took us about 10 hours to get to San Diego”

Julia: “So 10 hours is a long time. I would be so bored, what did you guys do to get the time over?”
Caroline: “Well, some of us listened to music, others were sleeping (how could you ever sleep on the bus?????) and the people that did not want to do either one, watched a movie like the Notebook (people were actually crying) or Zohan (and here everybody was laughing a lot)”

Julia: “Wow, that sounds like fun actually, but wait another important thing, did you eat anything?”
Caroline: “Mhm, of course. How could you ever life without food. Yeah, we went to a Chinese buffet and had a good lunch.”

Julia: “So we talked a long time about the bus ride, but that can’t be too interesting. Did you actually arrive at the hotel?”
Caroline: “Sure. Thanks to our experienced and loved bus driver ANTONIO, we got to the hotel at 6 pm, what gave us a little time to relax and prepare for the talent show”

Julia: “A talent show? That sounds amazing, but what about dinner???”
Caroline: “Well, dinner sounds like an important part of the day to you. We had a little pizza party and every body enjoyed it. After that we were ready to roll. The talent show could start”

Julia: “So this was the night of the hidden talents. Can you give me some examples please?”
Caroline: “Of course. We saw all kinds of dances from Salsa in South America to a traditional german kids song”

Julia: “So what were you favorite ones”
Caroline: “Well, three of the talents will be shown to the other bus group at the last night in LA. Our group decided, that Juan and Vivien with their Salsa dance, Marcello and his beautiful brazilian voice and Amanda`s funny way of singing without opening her mouth should perform and represent our crazy group at this last party”

Julia: ”Now, that sounds like a fun day. Do you have anything planed for tonight?”
Caroline: “Just the usual “going to bed at curfew time J” no just kidding. I guess we are just quietly hanging around and have a good time”

Julia: “Well, thank you very much for sharing your story with me. Have a great rest of the trip”

Caroline: “Thanks, und gute Nacht (vielleicht J)”

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  1. Vocês foram ao zoológico de San Diego?

    You went to the San Diego Zoo?