Saturday, June 23, 2012

Back to L.A.!!

Today, everybody’s parents are going to be mad, because it was a spending money day! Woho! Yes, we went to the shopping center, outlet actually, and it was very interesting, Except, we practiced our handwriting by signing all the credit card bills. 

The outlet is located on a very south of California, on the border with Mexico, which was cool. While driving, we could see on the other side a Mexican town/state Tijuana. That was pretty amazing. Also, the big fence or wall is surrounding the outlet, so nobody could come to US illegally. Pretty scary, but again, an amazing experience.  Thanks again to our amazing driver who always knows where to take us and pick the best spots for us, whether it’s for shopping or sightseeing. 

After shopping, and visiting one of our favorite stores like Forever 21, we got a bit peckish for some tucker so we met at food court at 1:30, and ate subway. Later, we hit the road towards the famous Laguna beach. Place full of cool stores, amazing beach and rich people with amazing cars. We all were impressed with its look. 

Anyways, when we came to the beach a lot of us wanted to swim in the pacific, which was a horrible idea because the water was freezing. But hey, at least now, we can brag to our friends and family that we have swam there. Later, we kind of split up and some of us went shopping, and just checking out the city, while others stayed at the beach and played volleyball, laid and enjoy the sun, or even swim (just brave ones). Some of us were looking for rich husbands (Alice and Nika) to move there, because it was absolutely beautiful. So many hot surfer guys at the same place, that’s never bad! In one word, a dream place! 

Further, after counting all the heads and verifying that everybody’s there, we headed to our next location. We came where we have started, the great Los Angeles.  Dinner was at the Buffet which is always good. We ate and went back to the hotel. This time, we switched hotels with Bus 2, and actually Comfort Inn is better! Woho! 

Anyways, we are super tired so we need to go sleeping. This blog is written by Alice who is showering, Laura and Nika who actually did some work, unlike Alice. But that’s okay. We still love her (jk we don’t). Anyways, GOOD NIGHT everybody, and get prepared for a new day, an amazing day at Disneyland

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