Sunday, June 17, 2012

San Francisco

We all woke up with a feeling of having a good day, because there was no fire alarm. We grabbed something to eat, got into the bus and we were heading to San Francisco. The bus was divided into two groups, the first group started with a tour in the USP Alcatraz. The second group was just enjoying their free times in San Francisco’s downtown.

Alcatraz was a federal prison located on a small island about two miles from the downtown of San Francisco, so we had to take a ferry to the island; it took us about 12 minutes. During the tour in Alcatraz we were able to see all the cells where the most popular and dangerous prisoners were held, such as the legendary Al Capone. We also saw all those cool places that we knew only from the movies.

For lunch, we went to Hard Rock Café, the food was very good!! The entire restaurant sang “Happy Birthday” to Mégane, who just turned 18 today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MÉGANE! Some people did a little bit of shopping in the Hard Rock Café shop. After the lunch the second group went to Alcatraz and the first group had their free time in San Francisco.

The city is simply amazing! Even though everybody had to walk a lot up and down on the very steep hills of San Francisco and burned their skins under super hot weather, it sucked, but it was worth it A LOT! After all this walking we found one of the most gorgeous places for pictures and we blew some money in the stores of San Francisco!

 After those things we all got back in the bus, we went to the place that everybody had been waiting for the entire day: THE GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE. … more pictures.

For dinner, we went to “China Town”, the world famous China Town, it was one of the best dinners we had ‘till now (in Lucas’ opinion)!

Antônio the world best bus driver ever (in Kubo’s opinion) surprised everybody with a wonderful view of the night downtown, which means even more pictures…YOLO!

Such a great day… don’t you think so?!

by Lucas and Kubo!

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  1. Galera!

    Que viagem deliciosa! Estamos adorando seguir o blog.
    Aproveitem bastante.

    Abraço, Sueli e Sergio Alves (pais Marcelo Alves - Piracicaba, SP)