Monday, June 25, 2012


Today we got the pleasure of sleeping in a little bit as we left for downtown Los Angeles after an amazing breakfast. We drove all the way to the walk of fame and saw the Sunset Blvd. The Walk of Fame, against our expectations, was HUGE and pretty crowded, as the attractions on the sides of the famous sidewalk were very inviting to tourists and super cheap, and of course the LA citizens used the busy streets for their benefit, which resulted in us being tapped on the shoulder every fifth minute with somebody asking : ‘’ A sightseeing tour maybe ?’’ or’’ Do you wanna buy my record ?’’ While walking down, we passed things such as the wax museum, the Chinese theater, where they had the dog-actor from ‘’The Artist’’ and the Hard Rock Café.

After spending way too much money, we moved on to Farmers Market, an amazing place with a huge speciality variety of food. We got a food-pass over 15 bucks and it was really cool to experience the intercontinental taste present. As we had a lot of freetime, we went to visit the Open Air Mall or just go shopping in the shopping area. As the location is very pretty and has huge stores of all kinds of brands with unusual products, the three hours flew by.

This was followed by the highlight of the day: a visit of the world of the rich and famous: Beverley Hills. This absolutely GORGEUS part of the actually pretty ugly town LA gave us a glance into the other side of the American life : 3 out of 4 cars were Lamborghinis or Ferraris and designers stores such as Gucci, Prada and Rolex ( just to name a few) were all across the place.

We walked around in the town looking at the famous shops or walked to the Beverley Hills sign in a close park to take pictures. Following, we had our last ride in our beloved bus with our beloved driver Antonio back to the Hotel where we are all getting ready for the party tonight. Last mention : YOLO !!

By Sophia Kramer and Martin Strack

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