Saturday, June 16, 2012

Monterrey / Carmel / San Francisco


On day four, we travelled more than in the past three days. We got to know each other better and better, which Juan, our crazy Argentinian, showed in a practical joke. He called many of the guy's rooms, telling us to get out of our rooms due to a fire alarm. That woke most of us up and we went straight to breakfast.

We loaded the bus and got ready to drive north. Our first stop was in Monterey, a historic city in California. We eat lunch and had some free time for shopping.

Our next destination was Carmel, one of the most spectacular coasts of this region. The city by itself seemed kind of rustic. We walked all the way down to the beach, which was amazing. The sand was almost white, and everything looked gorgeous with the rocks and the beautiful Golf course in the background.

We left Carmel and continued driving towards San Francisco. Our hotel for the next two days is located in Oakland, where we ate dinner at Denny's. There was a firework show going on at the Oakland- San Diego Baseball game. We went outside of the hotel to get a better look at it.

We are looking forward to seeing the famous city of San Francisco and the prison of Alcatraz tomorrow.
Very tired, we are heading to bed for a good night sleep.

Felix and Michael

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