Tuesday, June 19, 2012

On our Way to the Grand Canyon!

Today has been a very exciting but relaxing day!

First we slept in, ate perfect breakfast and left towards Arizona at 9:30 am. We ate our lunch in a town called Williams after sitting in the bus about 5 hours.

Lunch was awwwesooommee! After eating we had some free time = SHOPPING! An hour later we arrived at our hotel, which has appeared to be the nicest hotel on our trip.

We laid out by the pool in the about 100 degree weather! The pool and jacuzzi are outdoors and we also have a tennis court and a volleyball net where we spent some time.

Our dinner was a delicious sub with chips by the pool. But yet, the day of excitement was not over, as a surprise we had four different cakes to celebrate this trips two birthday kids, Megan and Kim.

Now we are just hanging out at the cool hotel area until our late curfew at 11.30, wohooooooo!!!!! :D

Silja Soittila, Julia Scherlin and Martin Strack

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